Damien Hirst update...

Sept. 2008
Sotheby's London
Just when you thought that Hirst couldn't up the stakes on a human skull covered in approximately 8,000 flawless diamonds, here he comes again... with The Golden Calf, the truly monumental centrepiece of a new collection of formaldehyde works. Hirst's magnificent show from last summer - "Beyond Belief" created all kinds of new expectations and opportunities for contemporary art, but his recent decision to take a collection of work straight to the auction house (completely by-passing the established gallery system that has handled the sale of artworks for more than century now) has many pundits up in arms. The jury is still out on whether or not Hirst can pull this off. He stands to make, by most accounts, upwards of £65 million. We'll find out if his evil plan actually works in just a couple monthes. Sotheby's is holding the auction and providing unprecedented arrangements for the collection. (Details here.)

In the meantime, we can listen to the critics make their predictions and oogle over some of the most bizarre specimens of his practice to date.

View some fantastic images from the collection.
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Bon Iver on Daytrotter, while supplies last...

Bon Iver - Daytrotter Sessions

Hurry over to Daytrotter - one of my favorite online spaces for great indie music - to download (while supplies last) or stream a great four song acoustic set from Bon Iver!

Bon Iver has to be my favorite discovery of the last several years. No kidding; Justin Vernon and company create an amazing and eclectic blend of somber acoustics and stirring neo-soul evocations.

As explained there, the set for Daytrotter demonstrates how much the somber tunes on For Emma, Forever Ago have really evolved and taken shape over their recent time on the road as a touring band. Don't miss it.

Check out 'Skinny Love' from Jools Holland:

Visit the myspace.

Buy it!


Lovely Links!

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Umbrella Tree - The Church and the Hospital

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