introducing... The Society for Critical Imagination

Whatever committed readers might frequent this blog deserve an explanation as to why there has been such a recent drought of posts. Well, besides transferring universities, having a child and moving back to the States to take a teaching post, I have applied myself to the development of something altogether new and different. A bit of history is required.

Upon learning that we would return to Jackson, TN and our alma mater Union University I was happy to discover some friends and like-minded partners in the project of cultural engagement modeled in the post posted here. We set to planning a regular meeting time for discussing theology and the arts and actually found that more interest than we expected existed among students. So, we opened up the conversation to anyone and everyone that wanted to take part. This project has been labeled The Society for Critical Imagination.

We are happy to report that this semester has so far seen surprising numbers in attendance at weekly meetings, excellent presentations from faculty, staff and students, and the establishment of a podcast for the society. Maybe more than any of these milestones, we are glad for the spirit of the conversation adhering quite closely to the expectations outlined in our creed. It seems that we have unearthed more questions than answers, and to our minds that constitutes a huge success.

Please feel free to make use of any and all of the resources available through our blog and know that you are always welcome in our meetings. We look forward to finding out where things will go with this initiative, and of course, we would appreciate any support we could receive. I heartily welcome your feedback and input. Thanks for your patience.