Re-enchantment has arrived!!! ...to booksellers

The Re-enchantment volume has finally arrived! Congratulations to its editors James Elkins and David Morgan. It really came together nicely and is the best testament to the diversity and multiplicity of viewpoints on the subject. It will provide unparalleled insights in the field for quite a long time.

Visit Routledge's profile page on the book to learn more.

In addition to the roundtable transcripts and some great introductory readings by Elkins, Morgan, Boris Groys and Thierry de Duve, the volume contains a host of fascinating assessments of the roundtable discussion by a diverse number of prominent international voices on the topic. These include:

David Brown
Chris Parr
Norman Girardot
S. Brent Plate
Sally Promey
William Dyrness
Daniel Siedell
Robin Jensen
Diana Apostolos-Cappadona
Ted Prescott
Graham Howes
Kristin Schwain

with afterwords by
Jojada Verrips
Erika Doss

Check it out! Purchase here or here.

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