Rediscovering Roman Candle

Roman Candle

I'm really happy to report that one of my favorite indie bands is alive and well... with several great new projects on offer.

I first heard Roman Candle on their independent release of 2002 - 'Says Pop,' which was in regular rotation on WFPK in Louisville. I have loved their raw beats and effortless flow ever since. I can heartily recommend their entire catalog. You can actually peruse the entire audio library before downloading their albums and eps at ridiculously generous prices! Listen here.

Roman Candle has recently released their second full-length release with Carnival - 'Oh Tall Tree in the Ear'. Having recently finished a tour with The Deep Vibration, they're working overtime to promote their new one. Check out some of these great appearances!

Roman Candle on Daytrotter
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Roman Candle on World Cafe (available as a podcast)

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